Export to Germany

The growth centre's export-camp was packed with information and relevant in reference to the export potentials in Berlin and Germany. […] also regarding which key competences, I should have my focus on in the future.

The trip offered a lot of interesting contacts and Marianne Danling is very inspiring and energetic. I look forward to meet her again."


Thomas Holst Madsen, Modellerbox.dk

We are experts on the German market

Does your company need support with entering the German market

- or with the existing export to Germany?

- we know the German market place and know how to find suitable                     customers

- we have the network and are therefore able to find just the right                        business partner for you

- we book appointments and assist you at meetings to ensure impeccable          communication in German

- we can supply you with a German address and phone number. Your                  start-up expenses are kept low and customers and partners can call                a domestic number


Even though Germany is deeply integrated in worldwide commerce and the EU Germany still constitutes a specific culture with its own traditions.


people+people has more than 20 years of experience in Germany and is based in Berlin. We combine practical experience and academic theoretical background to ensure an excellent result for your product.

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