"It is rarely that we have lecturers, who in earnest are able to activate the students. It was delightful and inspiring to witness."

Malene Richman, Svendborg Business College

Why a lecture on cultural awareness?

Your students or employees should be given the best opportunities to navigate in global surroundings!

Do we live in a ‘Global Village’? Do all consumers demand the same service and products worldwide?


No, globalization and technology have not standardised consumers’ needs. The globalisation has even lead to an increasing need for cultural understanding as well as a demand for competencies within communication across cultural and physical borders. Our lecture will teach the participants the importance of intercultural communication. 


The lecture encompasses themes such as: 

- globalisation

- culture

- communication

- stereotypes

- how our culture has an impact on our communication with other people

- how to take as a point of departure the person or the people you are                communicating with


The theory is combined with small assignments in order to give the participants a sense of the concepts in practice. Furthermore, we spice our lectures with stories from our work life and our collaboration with international companies.


The participants will obtain a knowledge that is not just useful in a workplace in the global age but also useful in the day to day life with other people. 


Book a guest lecture for your employee or your students!

- Ongoing education is obvious on the bottom line!



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