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"After the board meeting in our network group, I just wanted to take the opportunity to give you a BIG thank you for your engagement in our network trip to Berlin, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback."

Peter Nielsen, Vice President, ABB

Network and Inspiration Across Borders

The price of both accommodation and food are still relatively cheap in Germany and thus, it is easy and cheap for foreign companies and schools to travel to and around Germany. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the market we can make up your trip in collaboration with our partners. Everything is tailor-made and we can arrange everything in detail from accommodation to plane, train or bus tickets. The guided tours will be with us as your tour guides.


For companies

We make up the program for your trip to Berlin so that you: 

- are able to create network across borders to the economical centre of              Europe with 80 million prospective customers

- have the perfect programme for your leisure time enabling you to delve into    the many cultural offers of Berlin


Business development, benchmarking or something entirely different – it is right around the corner no matter if you are going to Germany with colleagues, employees, your network group or your golf club. 


For educational institutions

Berlin is a popular destination for schools, business schools, academies, colleges etc. The city has a lot to offer in regard to experiences and why not combine your Berlin trip with one of our lectures so that your study trip also attains a highly academic level?


We offer you:

- company visits

- cultural inputs

- sightseeing

- to be your “right-man” in regard to translation or getting around.


We have just the right contacts within Berlin’s business community and cultural life – contacts that only “natives” can offer.

Do not hesitate to get in touch and we can help you arrange an exciting and successful trip to Germany. 


Let us book relevant meetings and arrange your group's trip.

Suggestions for activities - with English speaking guide:


• Lecture on cultural understanding and intercultural communication

• Visit to the interesting sites of nazi-history

• Visit to Berlin’s many theatres or concert houses

• Sightseeing in East-Berlin – the capital of socialist GDR

• Sightseeing to the many hip and beloved shopping districts of Berlin

• The historical Berlin: Berlin-Mitte with the Museum Island, Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate

• Sightseeing along the Berlin Wall

• Sightseeing on the topics: “City development, the example Berlin” or “Architecture in Berlin – how Nazism, Socialism and the Modern Germany have impacted the city”

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