Cultural Awareness Makes Misunderstandings History

With cultural awareness you will NOT lose business deals. You will be aware that people see, interpret and evaluate things differently and know what is considered suitable in one culture is frequently unsuitable in another. Misinterpretations will be limited and business a success


Throughout the company different ways of communicating are present, e.g. HR, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Communication, therefore cultural awareness is not only needed when you communicate with other countries, but also departments within the company.

Intercultural Competencies Are the Foundation of Successful Business

Fact is 70% of all failed mergers are caused by cultural differences and according to an international poll nearly 2/3 of the employers state that intercultural awareness is very important to their organization.

With cultural awareness training you will gain an understanding of cultural differences and their influence on our way of acting and communicating. The aim of the training is to make cultural dissimilarities conscious and make misunderstandings history. That knowledge is vital for success in negotiations and co-operation.

In short cultural awareness gives better bottom line. Contact me if you want to see positive results too.

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