Digital Natives and Their Impact on Business

The new generation, digital natives, is one of the biggest challenges for all companies. However, the companies, which learn to make use of the new generation’s potential, will create better results.

Digital Natives See Opportunities – Not Limitations

The new generation is different from the old, digital immigrants, in a number of ways, but especially in working procedure. Digital natives are very social online and take part in various debates. In addition they live in a world with few limitations and where cooperation between countries and time zones is possible.

Digital natives are:





technologically savvy

Digital natives demand:

meaning with their work

clear career path with a possibility to move further up

flexibility and possibility to work whenever, wherever

feedback and acknowledgement

Meet the demands, or loose to your competitors! In the end the companies, who take advantage of the new generation and learn to bridge the two generations will see a positive growth.

If you want to learn more about the new generation’s potential and make these dissimilarities to advantages, you should contact me.

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